About Us

We are Pharmacovigilance service provider for the Latin America region with operations in 24 countries in South America, Central America, Caribbean and Mexico.

We offer high quality services in Pharmacovigilance with local presence, regional experience and global knowledge. We are a team of physicians, pharmacists, biochemists, and biologists with extensive experience as medical advisors, safety managers and regulatory affairs specialists in pharmaceutical companies and first level CROs.

We have developed a complete pharmacovigilance service, with modules adapted to each client needs, and in compliance with the regulatory requirements of each country.

Our efforts are focused on patient’s safety.

Transparency in management and communication is one of our commitments.


To provide excellent services and grant our clients quality support in their Pharmacovigilance actions, throughout the life cycle of the product.


To become a company respected for its quality by colleagues, employees, customers, patients, and regulatory authorities of the region.

Our Values

Commitment to patient safety

Quality of services


Performed processes

Quality Policy

We are a company focused in patient safety.

Our support must be continuous as working for patient safety is a never-ending process.

From PhV LATAM, we assume the objective of developing and implementing at all levels of the
organization a Quality Management System that is sustainable and that promotes continuous
improvement in the search for the excellence of the services we provide and the full satisfaction of
Our customers and employees to ensure patient safety.

We understand that the quality belongs to everyone and therefore we are committed to:

  • Provide high quality pharmacovigilance services,
  • Strictly comply to regulatory requirements,
  • Maintain confidentiality and a strict Personal Data Protection policy
  • Be aligned with Good Pharmacovigilance Practices,
  • Operate a quality management system and improve our systems and processes,
  • Train our employees through planned and ongoing training programs.

Every day, we strive to live up to the expectations of our clients, patients and ourselves, to gain
confidence in our communities.

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